With AT&T’s new A-List feature for accounts of at least a certain threshold comes a new problem, which numbers to include in the list. While this might be easy for some, it wasn’t that simple for me so I wrote a little script to compute what my optimal A-List would be. If you are an AT&T wireless customer, give this a shot, it might save you some more or add to your rollover balance! If you have any questions about this script or find a bug you can find my contact information on the about page.

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Your script worked wonderfully. I have five lines on my account with no idea who calls whom the most. Thanks for sharing. This saved me about half of my monthly minutes.

Small critique: it took me a few minutes to realize my browser was saving the bill into an “HTML complete” format which doesn’t work with your script. You might add this to your instructions.

Thanks again!

July 12, 2010 9:49 am

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